About Lynn's Lids

I love hats, knitting, and the transformation of wool from knitted fabric or raw roving to thick and dense felt. All of my work is a product of these passions. When I got back into knitting after putting the needles down for 20 years, I made myself a knit and felted hat. That hat attracted orders from friends, and Lynn’s Lids was born.


I get a genuine thrill when someone tries on a Lynn's Lid and it suits them perfectly, and I know the hat will keep them stylishly warm and dry for many years. The dense felt of Lynn’s Lids are made for extreme Canadian weather: to stop wind, rain, and snow, and keep heads warm in the cold. The hand knit, then felted fabric is also perfect for cosies as it keeps tea and coffee warm, and the thickness makes it protective and very durable. My first hat from 2008 is still being worn for 3 seasons and shows no signs of age.


New product ideas come from a variety places: client requests, my own needs, whimsy, and the dryer balls are from the David Suzuki Foundation newsletter (but I felt they needed something extra so I needle felted sheep on them - now I smile every time I open my dryer).


Previously, I was a technical trainer and consultant, customizing software to client specifications and training staff to use it. In addition to Lynn's Lids, I am mom to 2 busy and creative kids.


The image to the right was taken at an outdoor Christmas market. In the quiet moments I usually keep busy demonstrating needle felting, knitting, or customizing products for my clients. Here, I was needle felting a one of a kind custom toque.


For more on how I make my products, please check out the video below: