Here are most of the styles of windproof and waterproof hats that we make for for both women and men.

I have a limited supply of colours shown in the last photo ( some of which I only have enough for one hat) and a knitter who can help me with the first step of the process. If you would like a custom hat while yarn supplies last, and my knitter still agrees, CONTACT ME with the hat style (see below), colour, and the head size. (Measure around the forehead, above the ears, and around the back of the head. Inches or cm, I'm not fussy.)


For more information, contact me

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Lynn's Lids cloche
Lynn's Lids unisex toques
Lynn's Lids felted wool cadet cap
Lynn's Lids rolled brim hat
Lynn's Lids bike toque
Lynn's Lids felted flat brim hat
Felted wool bucket hat in purple
Lynns Lids folded brim hat
Lynn's Lids pillbox hat
Lynns Lids Canada Toques
Lynn's Lids felted wool folded toque
Lynns Lids Cap
Lynn's Lids unisex striped Toque
Lynn's Lids unisex felted watch cap
19 available colours